it's not an hotel, it's not a residence

it's your own home

How was it born?

Damé was born as we have had enough of illicit contracts, flophouses, unbearable flatmates. To live @Damé means living in autonomous, cosy flats, along with chosen roommates and a national community, whom you will live your golden years with.

What do we offer?

You'll find

An ad hoc chosen Staff always there to help you in your every-day problems.

Smart communication, through social media as WhatsApp and Facebook

Events, weekend trips, travels, family dinners and much more!

a regular and flexible contract, the possibility to customise wide sharing rooms!

We expect

Responsibility, autonomy, respect: we work at our best to provide you an unforgettable university term. Hence, we need your collaboration and proactivity, by creating a sharing space that would respect all the tasks you will autonomously assign. Thus, your flat will be a place you will be proud to show all your friends and family!

Where are we?